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  • Ghosts in Horror Games

    Ghosts in Horror Games

    Where I muse about why it’s great to drop ghosts into horror games.

  • Looking Back at Mage

    Looking Back at Mage

    Where I wonder if maybe I’ve been playing Mage wrong all these years.

  • Canonical Aliens

    Canonical Aliens

    The Alien franchise has been running for over forty years at the time of writing. Starting with the eponymous film back in 1979, this behemoth has powered relentlessly forward, spawning not just a host of sequels and prequel movies, but books, comics, video game and RPGs, as well as more merch than even the greediest corporate exec over at Weyland-Yutani could imagine.

  • SLA Industries – History

    SLA Industries – History

    In 1993, I found my first “proper” job, as a waiter no less.  Actually – I say “found”, but the job actually found me, in the form of my mother thrusting a copy of the Evening Times in my direction, jabbing at a classified ad, and suggesting it might be nice for me to earn […]

  • A Grim World of Perilous Adventure…

    A Grim World of Perilous Adventure…

    When Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay was released back in 1986, it was building on a setting previously established in Games Workshop’s miniatures’ wargame, Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  Even though the latest edition to this game had been released two years previously, the “Known World” as it was called then had not been substantially defined.  Warhammer Fantasy Battle […]