The Roll to Save podcast is a monthly podcast dedicated to RPG history. Join us as we have a look at the roleplaying games of yesteryear, their history and their impact on the hobby today. As well as the history articles that you’ll find on this site, the podcast includes roundtable discussions, reviews and other random nonsense.

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Our latest episodes are:

SLA Industries – The Assumptions – Episode 6 Roll to Save

Steve's had this great idea that we should do some actual plays of the games we are talking about.  So, here is the fourth of these – Episode 5 of "The Assumptions", a SLA Industries actual play podcast.  We hope you enjoy it!In this episode, Bob continues his investigation of the sewage plant's records, whilst McTavish and Bovril battle it out with the spider creatures that seems to have taken up residence in Wooly's desiccated corpse. Contact us at:EMAIL: roll.to.save.pod@gmail.comTWITTER: @savepodcastFACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/rolltosavepodWEBSITE: https://rolltosave.blogHOSTS: Iain Wilson, Jason Downey, SteveSPECIAL GUESTS: Matt SandersonALL MUSIC: From the good folks at Epidemic Sound.  Find them at http://www.epidemicsound.com/ @epidemicsound
  1. SLA Industries – The Assumptions – Episode 6
  2. Me and My Shadow Mark IV – a Paranoia Actual Play Podcast – Episode 5
  3. SLA Industries – The Assumptions – Episode 5
  4. Miniature Wargaming – Part 1
  5. Mind's Eye Theatre – Roundtable
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