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  • Latest Episode – Getting Paranoid With Allen Varney

    Latest Episode – Getting Paranoid With Allen Varney

    Join us as we chat one on one with the man who brought Paranoia back from the dead with Paranoia XP. The delightful Allen Varney takes the time to share with us his history with Paranoia, his thoughts on what makes it funny (and what DOESN’T!) and just what exactly went into the production of […]

  • Latest Episode – Paranoia Roundtable

    Latest Episode – Paranoia Roundtable

    Our latest episode is now up! Join us for a Paranoid roundtable, when we put on our RED tinted glasses, and reminisce about this most unique of games! Warning; this episode is a biggie, so be sure to find a comfy seat, a snack and a beverage of your choosing before devouring it. Oh, and […]

  • What version of Paranoia should I play (and how do I make it funny)?

    What version of Paranoia should I play (and how do I make it funny)?

    Since releasing our Paranoia podcast, I’ve been asked a couple of questions by numerous people so, rather than rehash the same answer (or something approaching it) over and over again, I thought I’d put it together this short blog post. The first question is some variant of What version of Paranoia should I play? So, […]

  • At your service, citizen…

    At your service, citizen…

    If George Orwell ever wrote an RPG, it would be Paranoia.  Indeed,  when you consider that the game’s premise is a futuristic dystopia, ruled over by an omnipresent, all-seeing ruler; where anyone could turn on you at a moment’s notice, where facts that are patently true are denied in favour of the party line and […]

  • Paranoia – Fun Is Mandatory Citizen

    Paranoia – Fun Is Mandatory Citizen

    After recording every Roll to Save Roundtable, myself and my co-hosts generally sit around and discuss what we’re going to cover next. After last episode’s discussion of Vampire we decided that something more light-hearted was in order for the next episode, and we settled on Paranoia. For those of you who haven’t experienced the fun […]