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  • What else do you play?

    What else do you play?

    Where I talk about another category of gaming that I love that isn’t roleplaying. It’s still extremely nerdy.

  • Mind’s Eye Theatre – History

    Mind’s Eye Theatre – History

    A brief history of White Wolf’s Mind’s Eye Theatre.

  • Legends of the Five Rings – History

    Legends of the Five Rings – History

    Back in my university days, I had a lot going on RPG wise. During Fresher’s week, I discovered the University’s roleplaying society and the Star Wars RPG’s joys.  A trip into one of Glasgow’s Virgin megastores – a hallowed metropolis of roleplaying goodness! It led to me discover a locally produced game called “SLA Industries” […]

  • Latest Episode – Legend of the Five Rings; history

    Latest Episode – Legend of the Five Rings; history

    Join us as we explore the Emerald Empire of Rokugan! L5R is a fantastic fantasy setting that actually began life as a collectible card game of all things.

  • At your service, citizen…

    At your service, citizen…

    If George Orwell ever wrote an RPG, it would be Paranoia.  Indeed,  when you consider that the game’s premise is a futuristic dystopia, ruled over by an omnipresent, all-seeing ruler; where anyone could turn on you at a moment’s notice, where facts that are patently true are denied in favour of the party line and […]

  • Five Fingered Bookmark

    Five Fingered Bookmark

    I can still remember that day in the school playground (that’s “recess yard” or something similar for my American readers…) back in 1985 when Greig McKinnon rushed over to me in an excited frenzy and thrust a book into my hands. “You have GOT to read this. It’s like a story, but you’re the hero […]

  • Star Wars (WEG) – History

    Star Wars (WEG) – History

    Mention Star Wars and Ghostbusters in the same sentence, and most people will assume that you are indulging in some geek-culture comparison.  Both were enormously successful films, both have rabidly devoted fan bases, and both spawned a host of franchise off-shots like action figures, cartoon series and fiction.  Amongst those spin-offs were role-playing games.   […]

  • Dungeons & Dragons – History

    Dungeons & Dragons – History

    Mention the name “Geneva” to most people and they’ll probably think you’re talking about the second largest city in Switzerland. Mention “Lake Geneva” and they will assume the city has a lake – which it does; it’s one of the largest in Europe. However, if you inform them that you’re talking about “Lake Geneva, in […]

  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay – History

    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay – History

    Back in the mid 1980s, White Dwarf was a very different magazine to the glorified catalogue it has become today.  Issue 82 – released in October of 1986 – still bore the strap-line of “The Role-Playing Games Monthly”.   The contents very much reflected that; this issue saw reviews for the AD&D “Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide”, […]