Latest Episode – Paranoia Roundtable

Our latest episode is now up! Join us for a Paranoid roundtable, when we put on our RED tinted glasses, and reminisce about this most unique of games! Warning; this episode is a biggie, so be sure to find a comfy seat, a snack and a beverage of your choosing before devouring it. Oh, and at one point we go down a SLA Industries rabbit hole – that was Jason’s fault.

As was the sound problems we have mid way through. Honestly, the boy’s a veritable disaster…

Mind's Eye Theatre – Roundtable Roll to Save

Join us as we ramble on about the Mind's Eye Theatre – White Wolf's fantastic series of Live Action Roleplay games.  We talk about our experiences with the system, the games we've played in, the good times we've had and share the inevitable LARP horror stories.This is part two of our MET episode – part one features a review of the history of this system and how it came to be.Contact us at:EMAIL: @savepodcastFACEBOOK: https://rolltosave.blogHOSTS: Iain Wilson, Steve McGarrity, Jason DowneyVOICEOVER LADY: Keeley WilsonSPECIAL MUSICAL GUEST: Cher / Wesley WilliamsBACKGROUND MUSIC: David Renada (Find him at: or on his web page).TITLE, BREAK & CLOSEOUT MUSIC: Xylo-Ziko (Find them on their web page). 
  1. Mind's Eye Theatre – Roundtable
  2. Mind's Eye Theatre – History
  3. 2021 – Year in Review
  4. Me and My Shadow Mark IV – a Paranoia Actual Play Podcast – Episode 4
  5. The Dying World – a Mörk Borg Solo Actual Play Podcast – Episode 2

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